Golden Isles Walk to Emmaus Newsletter July 2022

Andy and Carole Amason 
1125 Cedar Cottage Rd SE 
Townsend, GA 31331 

 Don’t Lose Heart 

My wife and I have recently taken on a project. This project comes in the form of an old house, built in 1931, that we hope to make a rental property. It is a basically beautiful house, on an even prettier lot in Darien. We have lofty ideas about what can be done with this room or that room and what it will look like all fixed up. Now the problem. This place is suffering from years of neglect and just plain bad ideas in regard to how previous house projects should be implemented. There are major renovations that need to be done in parts of the house that cannot be seen before BEFORE we can move forward on the parts of the house that can be seen. You may have heard it said before that a house has really “good bones”. With this place, the bones aren’t nearly as good as the face. So, before we can move ahead on fixing up the outside, we have some major work to do on the “bones”. This is a long project that at this point seems to be getting longer. 

I have been tempted several times recently to get discouraged and dump this place as is. The problem with doing that is that I know God has blessed us with this place for a reason. I know this because I can look back at the circumstances that surrounded us buying it, the price we paid, how it dovetailed with what the prior owners needed etc... The Lord of Heaven and Earth may want me to have this place and have this project for no other reason than to teach me a lesson on redemption, overcoming obstacles, seeing inner beauty or any number of things, not to mention that one day it’s going to make somebody a really nice home. 

Let’s bring this home to Emmaus. As we prepare for walks in the fall, there is a lot to do. Most of it in the bones of the ministry (behind the scenes). As we prepare, it can be discouraging pulling all of this together. I challenge you to meditate and focus on 2 nd Thessalonians 3:13 - “As for you brothers, do not grow weary in well doing. Don’t lose heart, don’t give in or give up. Don’t grow weary or be faint hearted. Pray, do good to others and focus on the future-the eternal destination of your soul”. 

Don’t lose heart. 
Don’t get discouraged. 
This is going to be Really Good. 

Andy Amason 
Coastal GA 
Walk to Emmaus #46 
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